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Bathroom Taps

Before you can even begin to look into the details of whether you want mixer taps, bath shower mixers or single taps you have to plump for an overall look.

Decide first if you want to create a look of a cool, sleek urban bathroom or a rustic country idyll or perhaps somewhere in between. If you have already purchased your suite use this as a guide and choose your taps to match its style.

There is one major technical consideration though. Unlike the Continent where most houses have high water pressure, the vast majority of houses in the UK have ‘low’ water pressure. A typical low pressure scenario is a gravity fed system whereby there is a tank in the loft and the water pressure is created by the fall of the water, sometimes known as ‘head’.

If you are looking to revamp an existing bathroom you may not want to go to the expense of converting to a pressurised system and therefore will need to look for brassware that operates under low pressure. However, in most new housing 'stock combi boilers' are being installed which don’t need a tank in the loft and therefore can utilise the high mains pressure. Check which system you have before purchasing.

Bathroom Taps

Contemporary Bathroom Taps

The design-conscious look at the moment revolves around a combination of geometric lines and curves. Click Contemporary Bathroom Taps for more information.

Traditional Bathroom Taps 

For those renovating a period property or just trying to recreate a tranquil traditional setting, your choice of brassware can be critical in creating the look. Click Traditional Bathroom Taps for more information.

Additional information

If you cannot find what you are looking for or need further assistance in choosing bathroom taps, please contact us.

Click on bathroom suppliers for a list of your nearest local suppliers of quality bathroom accessories and taps throughout the uk.

Click here for more information on bathroom taps


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Bathroom Accessories and Taps Guide
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